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Introduce yourself: I'm Will Rhoten, Trill Will aka Sober. I am a local Dallas artist, Dj and connoisseur of Mexican sodas.

What makes you a loyal client to Studio 410?

First of all, the skill behind the chairs. Right off the bat, I noticed how much time Josh took on my hair and how much pride he takes in his craft. He has the blueprints to my dome, straight up.

What would be your style tip for this summer? 

 Keep it cool. Tank tops and misting fans on a daily basis. It's hot out in these streets. I actually just picked up my new Decade tanks, fresh design for the summer. Holler at me if you need one of those in your wardrobe.

How important is it for u to continue ur hand drawn flyers?

 I think it's very important. It's a part of who I am. I like things that are real and that have human error or imperfections. i think hand drawn flyers stand out, especially in today's times.

What was the  best year for Dallas in hip hop?

 Wow. There were some really good shows and a good scene in the mid 90's but 2011 is looking good for the future of dallas Hip Hop. A.Dd+ is making major noise, Los Mavs won, so it's all eyes on dallas. Let's show the world what we have to offer.

What r u top 3 taco spots in OC? 

No one can hang with la Paisanita. That's it for me. I'm loyal.

What is your most embarrassing moment behind the tables? 

Hmm. One time a girl was trying to change shirts behind me. I had no idea who she was and everyone was watching.
 I was more embarrassed for her. It was super awkward. I think she ended up leaving her shoes in the club. #hotmess
Where can our readers check you out if they haven't already? 

I have a weekly at Beauty Bar "Big Bang" every Thursday. You can also catch me on the patio at Primo's (uptown) on Sunday's from 3-7p. I post most of my gigs up on twitter @sober1

Shout outs: Studio 410! Sour Grapes, A.Dd+, Picnictyme, Rosalinda, Top Notch crew (H-town), Centre, Kiddrae, A1, Tyrone, JT, Love, Schwa, Fishr, Beezy, all the peeps that support me on the regular and anyone else moving and shaking in the Triple D!

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