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Art on Hair. Hair Artists, Stylists, Hustlers, Lovers, Music Aficionados & Fashionistas. Studio 410 is located in the heart of Bishop Arts, Dallas, Texas. Hair. Art. Culture.

props to erica zamora

one of the things i love about working in this industry is getting to meet and work with new people. i have many great mentors but one has really taken me under her wing in my found art make up artistry! erica, if it wasn't for you encouraging me i would have never ever attempted to learn make up. not only have you let me apprentice with you, you also trust me enough with your hair and make up! let me say it means ALOT! to know that someone with so much experience sees me, a baby in this dog eat dog industry, as an equal. it makes me feel so appreciated! words can not express how grateful i am to you! thank you gurfren fo' e'rrythang! :) <3 andrea d. torres

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