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Art on Hair. Hair Artists, Stylists, Hustlers, Lovers, Music Aficionados & Fashionistas. Studio 410 is located in the heart of Bishop Arts, Dallas, Texas. Hair. Art. Culture.


As we say Adios to 2012...we gladly welcome 2013 with open arms, as it brings fresh new trends in the wonderful world of lip color!!!

2012 was all about making a statement. It threw bright shades of Pinks, Tangerines and even Neons in your everyday makeup bag. But... the past is the past & we shall never look back.

2013 is our year Ladies! Dare to unleash that inner Tigress you've cooped up for the past 365! 
 This year, don't purrr but ROAR with POWERFUL shades of Mahogany, Plum Wines, and Deeeep Reds splattered on those luscious labios. 
Don't be Scurred!!! Visit Studio 410 on your next day off and let Lady Misfits help you break those chains my dear Kittens and find that inner Lioness!
By Appointment Only...

Lady Jake

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