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It’s time for class with

Lady Jake...

Hair Knowledge 101

For all you short to medium hair length Divas who can’t seem to get that desired voluminous style you shoot for every day…Follow these simple steps to target that Herbal Essence Commercial doo you've been craving!

Grab a pen...take notes

Tools Needed:

TIGI Catwalk Root Boost Spray from the Volume collection (available for $16 @ Studio410)

TIGI Weightless Shine Spray from the Volume collection (available for $16 @ Studio410)

1 ½ inch barrel curling iron

A handful of pin curl prong clips

3 large hair clips

A rat tail comb

  1. Start by using TIGI’s Root Boost while your hair is still damp…spray on roots in crown section and blow dry upside down
  2. After hair is completely dry section hair into 3 parts, making a t-zone split from just behind the ears
  3. Roll each section with a twist and secure with large clips
  4. Take 1 – 1 1/2 in. sections of hair in frontal pieces and curl downward. Hold for 5-10 sec.
  5. Slowly unravel curl and hold in place while pinning it at base.
  6. Follow steps 3 - 4 for entire front section
  7. Curl entire back section sporadically - curling hair backward
  8. Lightly spritz hair while you wait
  9. For a longer, more voluminous hold, keep pins in for more than 15 minutes.This will give you time to do your make-up, get dressed, and even make some breakfast! ;)
  10. When ready, remove all pins and comb through hair with your fingers, giving it your desired look!


Tip: For a more “Pin Up” effect- use a paddle brush to comb through.

  1. Lightly spritz with TIGI Weightless Shine Spray and VUALA!!!…you got your bangin' photo ready doo for the day!!!

Finished Look!!!

    Our Lady Misfits Crew at Studio 410 throw down on the latest hair trends and fresh new Up Do’s…so when you roll through Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District, 

swing by and let our fabulous stylists rock out your Doo for prices that won’t have your wallet feeling empty.


Lady Jake

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